How someone uses and experiences a space is continually changing. Driven by new technology, generational preferences and the disappearance of traditional methods of experiencing architecture, we continually strive to stay in tune with current trends as well as offer design opportunities in new and novel ways.

Stephenson Services

Elizabeth, IL

The FS Fast Stop, located on Hwy 20, provides passersby with an inviting location to stretch weary legs, fuel up for a country road trip, and grab a snack. Located in the heart of Jo Daviess County, the architectural style of the building blends perfectly with the rural vernacular.

The buildings main function is a branch office for the Fast Stop brand. The small footprint provides an efficient layout for a warm lobby, office space, conference room, kitchenette, restroom and storage. A separate lobby and restrooms are open to the public and serves as a mini welcome center.

Abundant light filters into the space allowing maximum harvesting of natural daylight. Rooms are left exposed to the structure where clerestory windows are utilized to their full advantage. Continuous insulation and passive heating and cooling practices reduces energy requirements. Building orientation provides the occupants with a connection to the outdoors and a view of the rolling hills and farm fields. Locally sourced materials and trades were used at every possible opportunity creating a building

Blaze Pizza

Rapid City, SD

Lingle Design Group was awarded the privilege, as Blaze Pizza’s Prototype Architect, to create the first ground up restaurant for the fastest growing US food chain ever, according to research firm Technomic. In collaboration with the local franchisee, Blaze Pizza’s development team, and Lingle Design’s Designers, Architects and Engineering sub-contractors In under a year of planning, designing and construction, the new, one of a kind restaurant was up and running.